Coffee is my life!

My name is Joanna M. Cisneros and me… just an ordinary person, just like you. Born and raised in Canada, and now I live in the USA. All my adult life I was fond of writing. But do not think that this was serious work. No!

Since childhood, I just loved reading and writing notes to read stories. Then, in her youth, she loved to describe on paper her adventures, little trips, and just dreams, thoughts, and ideas. My feelings went perfectly well on paper, although I didn’t tell them to live to anyone.
That’s how I chose all my work so that I could write, not speak. I never had the desire to work as a sales manager or seller, because I just don’t know how to speak beautifully. So what! I do not consider this my fault. But I always try to write, and many like it.
And so I decided to start writing that I love even more than text. This is coffee!!!!
I am a crazy coffee lover and love all drinks, at least somehow related to coffee. Therefore, I often change the cooking equipment for this wonderful drink. I have already tried a lot of coffee machines and manual coffee grinders and coffee makers. I know a lot about this and will gladly help you figure it out.