Personalized Travel Coffee Mugs

Today I want to answer the question, which reusable coffee cup is best for you?

I tested six of the best and came up with recommendations based on science.

I tested the following coffee mugs.


  1. Reliability.
  2. Double walls.
  3. Excellent temperature retention.
  4. Beautiful design.
  5. Shockproof material.
  6. Does not spill the liquid.


  1. It is difficult to completely clean.
  2. Price.




  1. Bright design without a sweat.
  2. Many colors to choose from.
  4. Large volume.
  5. Cover with a magnet for water.
  6. It retains heat and cold for a long time.


  1. High price.
  2. The cover does not protect against spills.



  1. Splashproof, press-fit lid.
  2. It is convenient to hold in hands.
  3. The taste of the drink does not change thanks to the glass.
  4. Convenient size.
  5. Can be inserted into the cup holder.
  6. The lid does not collect odor.


  1. Not leakproof.
  2. Not low price.
  3. Glass can easily be broken.
  4. It is recommended to wash by hand.



  1. Low cost.
  2. Stylish transparent plastic, the illusion of glass.
  3. Moderate strength.
  4. Reusable cup.
  5. The size of a regular cup of coffee.


  1. Not an insulated cup.
  2. It keeps the temperature bad.



  1. Do not spill.
  2. Preserves the taste of the drink.
  3. Beautiful design.
  4. Suitable for almost all cup holders.
  5. Can be washed in the dishwasher.
  6. Can be used in the microwave.
  7. Affordable price.
  8. Reusable cup.


  1. Easy to smash.
  2. Keeps heat or cold short.



  1. Lasting.
  2. Can be washed in a dishwasher.
  3. Does not slip in the hand.
  4. It does not harm the environment (made from coffee husks).
  5. Average price.


  1. Disposable glass design.



Hmm. Yeah. So a few different cups. I tested a few different things.

NameMaterialVolumeCleaningKeeps heat / coldSpill any dropTasteDurabilityLink
Frank GreenStainless steel10ozhardest to clean
******************* AMAZON
KeepCup BrewGlass12ozeasy to clean
Cup by SolGlass8ozeasy to clean
*************** AMAZON
Huskee CupPlastic12ozeasy to clean
KeepCupPlastic8 oz easy to clean
************** AMAZON
YETI RamblerStainless steel30 ozeasy to clean

So what was the first thing I tested?

Loss of heat or cold

The coffee hot and what we did was measure the temperature drop every five minutes. And what we found out is Frank Green was the best one, the one that lasts for a long hot.

So when there was, it was another one, that lasts quite a while as well. It was Frank Green number one for sure for a long way.

The second one, as I said like that is because the material that they are built, they are stainless steel with an installation layer. So yeah,
that allows the heat to stay inside the cup rather than like, so if you want a cup that’s actually going to keep your coffee hot for a long
period of time by those, however, I, one of the first things I found with my Frank Green cup when I took the first
sip from it of some filter coffee is I burnt my mouth because it was so hot and it kept being that hot. So if you like it that way, that’s great.

But some people might want it to cool down a little faster.

When I conducted an experiment with a cold drink with ice, I did not wait for the drink to warm up. In this YETI Rambler cup, my iced coffee remained very cold all day and even until the next morning. How I love a refreshing drink in the car on a hot day.

Seal quality of every cup.

How to make sure that coffee does not flow?

Wait, put the lid and I shake it. Then I put it up, sit down and check it like they spill any drop.

And what I found out is that again, Frank Green was the best seal.

There’s coffee inside there and just test that and that’s good.


Frank Green was the best one so far.
And then the second one was again the YETI Rambler. This one if a, although when I shake it, it didn’t roll.

But when I put it upside down like it, it spilled a little bit. Yeah. So it’s not 100%. But again, most of the time you’re going to be turning your coffee cup upside down.
It’s all, it’s highly unlikely.

So I mean the seal quality and the YETI Rambler is also very good.

How do the SoL cup and all the other one’s sort of thing?

Well the keep cups, eh, they haven’t lid with a plug and it’s not like a spill-proof but it’s splash-proof. That means we shake it. Like we might drop a little. Yeah, but they are so inside the car say when you put your coffee inside a car or some people are going to be doing that.

Yeah, I like it. No, I reckon is going to be fine. But like it’s not 100%, so I looked at the one that seals the best, but you know sometimes these kinds of things have an impact on how they clean.


Which one was the most difficult to clean?

The most difficult to clean definitely was the Frank Green because the lid is a, it seals perfect or like but has seven parts.

Then I had to pull apart to clean it properly. Uh, yeah, it’s, it makes it the hardest to clean. The easiest, I will say like they are all pretty easy to clean actually.
But like the Sol cup is the easiest with the Husky cup because they just have the lid and the cup and the keep cups.

They have this plug but it’s pretty easy to take apart as well. Yes.

Okay. So I talked about cleanliness or cleaning the cups.

Now I want to talk about durability, durability to be the next one.


So what does durability mean?

Like, well, how long it will last the cup and when I will recommend to you, it’s like if you want to cup the last long then like stainless steel is still probably is the best option because they are the strongest in terms of material resistance. However, if you drop these cups like they might be damaged and they might lose their heat retention property.

But yeah, in terms of like resistance they are very tough. Yeah. Well, I’m in a real-world test.
I actually got this stoke cup and put it on top of my car and I drove off and it smashed on the ground. And by the way, it didn’t leak any of the coffee and seems to still keep the coffee relatively hot. The cup doesn’t get hot when you put fresh coffee inside it.

So it seems to be lasting.
So stainless steel definitely is the more durable material. Yes. However, remember to don’t put it in the dishwasher because they will lose the seal quality. On the other hand, the plastic ones, they are the second toughest in terms of the material they last and they are pretty resistant.

Like if you drop them they’re going to be fine with as well.
In the kind of plastic, they are made of. They are different plastics.

So obviously I tested a couple of cups, that are made out of hardened glass. Cup by Sol and KeepCup Brew is very fragile, but that does not mean that they are bad. Um, what about those?

Of course, when it comes to glass they are going to break the easiest. Like if I drop it and they are going to shatter, so yeah.
Better be careful with those.

So I tested a whole bunch of different cups made of a whole bunch of different materials.

The next question is: can the cup material affect the taste of the drink?


Yes, and I will say I would recommend drinking always from last glass or ceramic that yeah, the stainless steel cups. The YETI and the Frank Green, they are covered with a ceramic inner layer. Like yeah, they are inert materials.

Glass and ceramics (Cup by Sol, KeepCup Brew, Frank Green, and YETI Rambler)

Inert generally meaning that it doesn’t react or interact with it in any meaningful way. Yes. But like the opposite side, like a plastic will, you might taste hints from coffee if you drink tea in it.

The more interesting one. He was actually the Sol cup because the sol cup probably one of the few cups that actually has like a Silicon sort of seal. How’d that go?
I’m not a fan, to be honest, to drink from Silicon. I particularly like to drink the coffee like without the lid but if like I will say if you like a lid like bitter go for hard plastic.

So I mean all these things said which cup would you buy if it was your money. I will say I will go for the sol cup because it’s glass, it’s lightweight and I love drinking from glass particularly.

I feel that it’s the best taste experience and yes I particularly like to drink without a lid. I just drink from the glass and it’s a thin glass.

But yeah, for me, I actually prefer drinking out of a YETI Rambler. The YETI cup has been beautifully designed. Looks good, feels good in the hands, has a nice thick lip you want to drink out of it. Um, this seal works very, very nicely. And again, I’ve dropped this off my car and it seemed to keep my coffee warm, hot, cozy.

I like this cup, this is a beautiful designed cup. Expensive. But, um, I think it’s worth the money. So that’s what I like.

But what do you like?

Feel free to comment below. Um, tell us what you like.
If you have any questions, comments, anything like that.